Are you considering buying a home or selling a home in Mint Hill? Do you have any idea what a Realtor will do for you as a buyer or as a seller?

Before you enter into one of the largest, if not the largest, transactions of your life, it's best to know what to expect from your Realtor. Let's look at what a Realtor will do for a home buyer and for a home seller.

What Realtors Do for Buyers

Before we get into what your Realtor will do for you as a home buyer, it's important to note: most of the time, as the buyer, you don't pay your Realtor. The seller will take care of the full real estate agent commission, which means, using a Realtor, as a home buyer makes quite a bit of sense.

As a buyer, your Realtor will assist you with  the following:
1.    Help get you pre-approved  by referring you to reputable loan officers before you start shopping for a home
2.    Help match the right property to your specific needs/wants
3.    Show you properties fitting your price range and your needs/wants
4.    Provide data on neighborhoods, school districts, etc.
5.    Help put together the right offer for the home you want to buy and advise you regarding possible multiple offers situations
6.    Negotiate the offer including due diligence fee, earnest money, closing costs, inspection periods, closing dates, etc.
7.    Make recommendations for other professionals you will, such as home inspectors, surveyors, structural engineers, contractors, attorneys, etc.
8.    Attend the home inspection and negotiate needed repairs
9.    Finalize any loose ends before closing

When you're looking to buy a home, a good Realtor will save you plenty of time,  provide priceless advice as you go through the process and thus help make sure you that you minimize the expenses that come with buying a home.

What Realtors Do for Sellers

Houses for sale in Mint Hill, NC most likely have a Realtor behind them helping to get the home sold. Only a small percentage will go up as For Sale By Owner homes because Realtors do so much for sellers.

Some of the things a Realtor will do for a home seller include:
1.    Ensure the home is priced well and correctly for the Mint Hill real estate market
2.    Make sure the home is ready to be listed before it's listed which includes conversations and recommendations regarding needed repairs and cosmetic updates that will help the sale and maximize the seller’s net
3.    Hire  professionals to measure the home, take listing pictures, videos, possibly stage the home
4.    Market the property through multiple channels including social media, website, MLS, etc.
5.    Communicate with buyer's agents and potential buyers
6.    Hold open houses and provide showings for potential buyers
7.    Ensure all potential buyers are qualified
8.    Negotiate the best terms for the seller and derive a winning strategy in case of multiple offers
9.    Negotiate repairs after the buyer’s inspections are done
10.    Finalize any loose ends for the closing

As a seller, having a Realtor is vital and provides someone to shoulder the burden of getting your home sold. Realtors know how to reach potential home buyers and good Realtors have a network they can reach out to the second your home hits the market.

This is just a short overview of the all the things Realtors do for their clients. If you want to know specifically want a Realtor will do for you as a buyer or a seller, ask the right questions when interviewing agents to hire. Ask about how they market, what methods they use, and what you can expect from them during the process.

Realtors work hard to ensure your home gets sold or you find the right home for your specific needs and wants. Make sure you understand how hard they work for you and what they are doing whenever buying or selling a home.

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