Selling your Mint Hill real estate isn't a quick process. While your home may sell within days or weeks after hitting the market, the preparation leading up to listing takes time.
If you're thinking about listing your home for sale early next year, it's time to start getting prepared now. There are several things you should start doing to prepare your home for the market.

Here's your to-do list to ensure your home is ready for the market.

Learn the Local Market

Knowing the local real estate market will help when it comes to choosing an agent, listing your home, and your overall expectations. Take some time now to start looking at the different homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC. Just browsing listings will help you see what's available, what a listing price looks like for a home similar to yours, and how fast homes might be selling.

Choose a Listing Agent

One of the most important decisions you will make when it's time to sell your home is choosing the right listing agent. A good agent will know the local real estate market inside and out. They will know how to set the perfect listing price and a good agent will also help to ensure your home is seen by plenty of potential buyers.

Concentrate on Curb Appeal

While you certainly have plenty of time to actually get your home ready, curb appeal should become a high priority. If your home looks sparse from the front, it might be a good time to add some plants, paint the front door, make repairs, and ensure the curb appeal of your home will be amazing!

Repaint Any Loud Walls

Neutral tones are best when trying to sell your home. If you have any accent walls or any other walls in your home painted in bright or loud colors, now is the time to repaint. Use neutral colors to allow potential buyers to envision what they can do with the home.

Have Your Agent Perform a Pre-Inspection

When you do list your home for sale early next year, any buyer submitting an offer will want to order a home inspection. Ask your listing agent to perform a pre-inspection now. It might save you plenty of worry and hassle later. You'll know the necessary repairs needing to be handled and you'll know what to expect when a buyer orders an inspection.

A few more things to do to prepare your home for the market include:
•    Stock up on light bulbs
•    If desired take listing pictures of the exterior now to show off the fall season
•    Rent a storage unit and move out unnecessary furniture/items
•    Have a deep cleaning done right before listing your home for sale
•    Depersonalize and declutter your home

Your real estate agent will also be able to provide advice on other things you can do now to prepare your home to be listed for sale early next year.

We would love to be part of your journey when the time is right for you. If you ever have a real estate question or need, or know someone who does, trust that you can turn to us.  We will help you make the right move!