While we won't see the extreme winter weather in some areas of the country, it can still get rather cold during the winter. Your home needs to be ready for colder weather or the warm spring may come with unexpected home repairs.

Whether you're planning to list your home for sale in Mint Hill, NC this spring or you just want to avoid costly repairs, use the following tips to get your home ready for colder weather.

Protect the Pipes

A good place to start is with the pipes of your home. A burst pipe can be very expensive to repair and the damage the water may cause can add up quickly.

It's best to leave your faucets dripping during very cold weather. You should also drain water from any sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets before winter.

Adding insulation to pipes running through unheated areas of your home can also help. Check the basement, garage, crawl spaces and attic for pipes in need of insulation.

Clean Gutters

The gutters of your home are susceptible to clogging and could cause ice dams. It does get cold enough in Mint Hill for ice to form or even for snow to fall. Clogged gutters may cause an ice dam, which can cause damage to your roof.
While the icicles that form on your gutters look pretty, they could be a sign of an issue. Having your gutters cleaned before the winter is one of the easiest ways to avoid issues come spring.

Fireplace Inspection

If your home or a home for sale in Mint Hill, NC you're considering has a fireplace, make sure to inspect it before the winter. You want to inspect the actual fireplace and the chimney to prepare for the colder weather.
Having a professional chimney sweep come to your home and clean the soot and debris is a good idea, too. Both soot and debris found in the chimney could catch fire and cause issues for your home.

Reseal Windows and Doors

Before the cold weather arrives, it's a good idea to check the seals on your windows and doors. If you notice gaps or damage to the seal, take the time to replace it. Damaged seals around windows and doors will let in cold air and cost you on your heat bill throughout the winter. They can also let in moisture, which can cause damage to your home.

These tips will help you prepare for the cold weather that's coming. Make sure you take the time to get your home ready or you could be dealing with a costly repair come spring.

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